A bespoke life


Bespoke is the perfect stage to act one’s role of elegant men.
Nature gives us life, the Sartoria Gaetano Aloisio makes it elegant.

Bespoke is selection. The elegant man is the one who knows how to choose (in Latin, “eligere” means knowing how to choose). As D’Annunzio said: Habere, non haberi (e.g. owning oneself, not being possessed by others’ choices). The “tailor-made” is for the individual; fashion is for everyone, without distinction.

In tailoring, time does not exist. Past, present and future are canceled, in a continuous exchange. Elegance is timeless: the sum of the classical tradition (past), of the contemporary ability (present) and of the client’s desire (future), compressed in one dimension, the suit.

The “tailor-made” belongs to the kairos, that indefinite and indefinable moment in which something special happens, something generated by inspiration and work of a Master Tailor with his Client.