Master Tailor

Master Gaetano Aloisio has been for over thirty years the source of inspiration for those who love refined tailored elegance. He is one of the most prominent and recognized figure of the Italian bespoke tailoring in the world. He won, in 1986, the prestigious “Forbici d’Oro” (Golden Scissors) award and was knighted by the President of the Italian Republic for his contributions to the Italian fashion style in 2011.


In the Sartoria Gaetano Aloisio, in the very heart of Rome, the Client will be able to see realized his own idea of elegance.



“The suit must reflect the personality of the wearer”, this is the quintessential idea of Master Gaetano Aloisio. No matter whether you are a Head of State, Royalty or a simple citizen, the elegance, expressed through his suits, will become part of your being.


Everything has a price, but very few things are of value. Luxury is this: to choose objects that have their own identities. Identities derived by the careful selection of raw materials combined with expert mastery of the mind who created them.